Here’s to more HTTPS on the web!

Cross-posted from the Google Security Blog. Security has always been critical to the web, but challenges involved in site migration have inhibited HTTPS adoption for several years. In the interest of a safer web for all, at Google we’ve worked alongside many others across the online ecosystem to better understand and address these challenges, resulting [ ]


Building Indexable Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are taking advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users and they’re one of the most exciting new ideas on the web. But to truly have an impact, it s important that they’re indexable and linkable. Every recommendation presented in this article is [ ]

Is Your Website Doing Business – Web Designing

Web creating is an essential factor for folks doing business online. Online business is happening all over and also practically everyone is doing it nowadays. Merely having a beautiful site will certainly not provide you just what you are looking for. Web making is the amalgamation of different elements. A current research study carried out by a leading research firm shows that these days increasingly more people involve internet for business purpose. To deliver result in clients you must have an internet site that accommodates all their needs. Designing a site is an intricate procedure involving numerous elements. Nonetheless if a professional undertakes this work it comes to be really basic for you. There are many specialists who will do the work for you for a particular amount of cost. It is advisable to leave the designing part to a professional. Just before starting creating the website make certain that you know exactly what you are looking for. This will assist you in providing