YouTube – An Error Has Occurred – What This Means and How to Fix It

Flash problems are the most common culprit of the YouTube: an error has occurred message. Adobe, the company behind of the most popular video platforms on the web today, is constantly updating their technology to meet the needs of business and consumers who depend on them. Just a few years ago, the latest version of the Flash player was version 6. As of this writing, it is version 10. Who know, tomorrow it may be 11. The player is at the mercy of hackers who use its popularity to expose its security flaws to infect your computer. Make sure you visit the adobe site to install the latest updates for your Flash Player. You may need the latest video drivers. These system files can also be the reason you re having problems with YouTube. If you don t have the latest drivers you may experience choppy videos or even no video at all. You can find the latest drivers for your dedicated or integrated graphics card at the manufacturer s website. That would be Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, eMachin


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