Tweet An Innovation For Exploring A New City to Win a Tripto London

As advances in technology improve our everyday lives, they also make traveling more convenient. From jetlag-reducing apps and traffic maps to currency calculators and paperless tickets, gadgets are cutting costs and saving time every step of the way. Next week, we re flying the five lucky winners of our travel innovation Twitter challenge from London to Austin, where they ll have a chance to dive into the city s culture with an exciting itinerary, as well as attend an exclusive party hosted by Mashable and British Airways. We are partnering with British Airways once again to host a similar challenge for all Texas residents who work or dabble in entrepreneurial or tech-focused industries. Tweet your most innovative idea to help experience a new city, and tag #CurioCity and #Promo for a chance to win a trip to London. Is it an ask-the-locals social app? A clip-on camera that documents your adventure? We want to hear your innovative ideas. You have until October 8 at 12 p.m. ET to submit


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