SEO Strategy 2014

Keyword research People are searching for your products every day. They may be using words that you are not anticipating. Keyword research allows you to find out the most popular searches relative to your product and service. It is vital to include the best and most used keywords on your site and in your digital marketing campaigns. To find keyword suggestions, register for a free Google AdWords account and use their keyword planner to create lists of keywords. The best tactic is to plan for what you think your keywords are. Enter these into the planner, one at a time and generate a list from Google searches. These lists can be exported into a csv sheet and saved. You can narrow the geo target location to focus on local searches, and also add your website URL, to see results already linked to you by keywords and search terms. For our clients, we create a spreadsheet of over 800 keywords, and use the average search term numbers to formulate a strategy of 9 keywords per client to use ac


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