18 Twitter Short Stories That Prove Tweets Can Be Literary Too

By MJ Franklin2014-10-02 06:00:11 UTC A good novel is like a teleportation machine — the story found within its pages can take you somewhere entirely new. But the novel isn t the only literary format that possesses transportive powers. So do tweets! That s what David Mitchell, author of The Bone Clocks and this month s MashableReads author, demonstrated in his short story The Right Sort. Written entirely through a series of tweets, The Right Sort tells a suspenseful tale about a boy named Nathan whose reality turns into a surrealist nightmare when he accompanies his mother to a piano recital. Inspired by David Mitchell, we asked readers to submit their own Twitter short stories. Submissions ranged from sci-fi thrillers to contemplative asides as writers used Twitter to create their own fiction worlds. Check out some of our favorites below. Winners Freedom: Boundaries are drawn, stipulations made & awkward silence replaces easy conversation. It is a confining thing, freedom. #MashRea


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