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What Is Video Marketing? A Valuable Strategy

What is Video Marketing? Using video to promote a business or product can be a very lucrative and effective strategy. Video marketing is often used in the internet marketing world. As in other areas of marketing, these internet marketers have discovered the value of a video. Not only are videos an effective on-page marketing strategy, but videos are also very valuable in the eyes of Google. Google is constantly evaluating the value and relevance of web-pages. In recent months, Google has placed more value on videos. To be clear, if there were two identical websites, but one had a video, the website with the video would undoubtedly rank higher on a search results page. What is video marketing to your business? What is Video Marketing? Man s Short Attention Span When discussing video marketing and its effectiveness, it would be ignorant to not mention the universal appeal of video. While attractive and informative articles and blog posts can be effective, videos are shown to be increasi

YouTube – Online Videos

YouTube came into existence in the year 2005. Now, it has become the hottest website over the internet. At present, this website renders up 100 million videos each day for online users. As per the research website HitWise, YouTube claims more than 46% of the complete online video market share. Originally, YouTube s founders got inspiration from the video version of the site called HotorNot that online users were downloading whatever desired videos for their usage. Hence, YouTube s founder thought that, this version of viewing online videos would give more traffic and benefits to them. Thus, YouTube online videos have emerged and gained much popularity among the online users. Today, individuals can download or view their favorite videos without buying a DVD or CD at free of cost. From mere messages to professionally created videos, you can come across almost everything on YouTube. A few online users have obtained popularity from their passionate activities in amateur videos. Some other

Viral Video Tips – Getting Others to Share

A video can t go viral unless its viewers are compelled to share it. But how do you get others to share your video so that your Web site or organization can reap the rewards of viral video traffic? Unfortunately, no magic formula exists, but the following tips can certainly improve your video s chances. 1. Make sure the video is easy to share. When embedding your video, make sure that the share feature is enabled or provide users with an option to eMail a link. If the video is not easy to share, it will be less likely to go viral. 2. Start off with a splash! The Internet audience is one with a short attention span so make sure to grab your viewers attention within the first five or six seconds. You do not have the luxury of time and a captive audience that traditional filmmakers enjoy. 3. Keep your video short. Again, because the Internet audience has a short attention span, your video needs to be short in the three to five minute range. Not only are individuals hesitant to spend much

YouTube – An Error Has Occurred – What This Means and How to Fix It

Flash problems are the most common culprit of the YouTube: an error has occurred message. Adobe, the company behind of the most popular video platforms on the web today, is constantly updating their technology to meet the needs of business and consumers who depend on them. Just a few years ago, the latest version of the Flash player was version 6. As of this writing, it is version 10. Who know, tomorrow it may be 11. The player is at the mercy of hackers who use its popularity to expose its security flaws to infect your computer. Make sure you visit the adobe site to install the latest updates for your Flash Player. You may need the latest video drivers. These system files can also be the reason you re having problems with YouTube. If you don t have the latest drivers you may experience choppy videos or even no video at all. You can find the latest drivers for your dedicated or integrated graphics card at the manufacturer s website. That would be Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, eMachin

Video Tips For Your Wedding

Congratulations! You re getting married and you ve settled upon a date. You re starting to book caterers, bands, and reception halls and you ve decided you want to hire someone to do wedding videography for your wedding. You re well on your way to having the wedding of your dreams. If you would like your memories of your beautiful wedding to be in more than just your dreams, there are several important things you need to keep in mind when having someone do wedding videography for your big day. One of the first ones has to do with whether or not you want your wedding videographer to record your wedding ceremony, reception, or both. Deciding that now will help the wedding videographer know how many batteries and how much film or extra memory to bring. You ll also have to tell the wedding videographer how long the wedding ceremony and reception are expected to last. Another thing to keep in mind when booking a wedding videographer is whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors. Indoor we

What Is Video Marketing?: Video Business Marketing Solutions

What is video marketing? Video business is simply one of the fastest growing segments of the market. If you are looking for marketing solutions that work, then video marketing is the answer. If you look at YouTube, there are some jaw-dropping stats. There are over 800 million unique visitors each month and over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month according to YouTube s own stats. So is it too late to learn how to market a business using video marketing? Absolutely not! Of course the rules have changed and what you do today is entirely different then when YouTube first came on the market in 2005. Don t expect viral marketing to be the answer either. Too many people think they have a video that will go viral, but that rarely ever happens. So what makes an effective video for marketing? It can be broken down into three parts. People search YouTube for answers to their questions and video just happens to be the fastest growing segment of marketing. If you can t address someone